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Hmm... The Cake

I love food and I love to eat... But I also like to look certain way. So most of the times I chose options that go in line with my goals. I accepted that not every meal will be a gourmet and mouth watering feast. I chose lighter alternatives 80- 90% of the times. And I'm ok with it, because then, when there's something I really like and enjoy, I just have it. GUILT FREE.

Which was the case today- two big slices of a poppy seed cake. And I would have more, but there were more people to share it with... The only reason I mention it here, is to make a point: Just like one "good" meal doesn't make you skinny, one "bad" meal won't make you fat either.

It's all about how many of each do you have during a week/ a month/ a year, and whether they balance each other out allowing you to look the way you want.

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