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Strength Training For Everyone!

As much as I love strength training, I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea.

However, the reason most women avoid it is because they are either afraid that lifting weights will make them big and bulky, or they just find the idea of going to the gym extremely boring.

It's a shame, because besides all the health benefits, increased strength simply makes you feel good.

And the reason so many women never experienced

it, is because they've never followed properly designed and efficient trainig program that actually produces the results.

They never got a chance to feel empowered by the strength. Never experienced that sense of accomplishment you get after pushing or lifting a heavier weight. They haven't seen the shape of their bodies really change, and what the fit and strong body is really capable of...

But as a trainer, I'm on a mission to "convert" as many women as possible and show them what they're really capable of. Regardless the age or background.

Today I handed 10 pounds dumbbell to my 74 year old client, and she lifted it with a great form and little effort. When I started training her a few weeks ago, she was terrified of 5 pounds. She also used to struggle with that heavy door at the bank, which is not the case anymore.

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