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10 Reasons Why I Have No Intention Of Cutting Carbohydrates Out Of My Diet

1. Restrictions and strict rules don't work for me. I wanted to build a healthier relationship with the food (I've struggled with it for a long time), and decided to give up all the "mustn't", "shouldn't", and "can't" when it comes to eating. 2. They support my active lifestyle. I walk a lot, workout 4-5 times a week, and overall I move a lot during the day. 3. They make me sleep better. Once I started eating carbs in the evening (oh no!!!), I stopped waking up during the night, and sleep like a baby. 4. They're delicious. Enough said. 5. Contrary what some people make you believe, carbs don't make you fat. What makes you fat is too many overall calories, whether they come from fats, carbs and/or proteins.

6. They help with post-workout recovery. Exercise increase your cortisol levels, and the best way to bring it down, is by eating some carbs. 7. Carbs make me look leaner. Low carbohydrate diets deplete glycogen levels, and make the muscles look "flat" and smaller, so you appear less defined aka. less "toned". 8. I love sweets, and decided there's no point in fighting it, and trying to quit sugar completely. 9. I've tried many different diets. All of them worked, and as far as fat loss, I haven't noticed any difference between low vs. high(er) carbohydrates. But psychologically, higher/moderate carbs diet, seems to work best for me.

I don't binge, I don't stress and get pre-occupied with the food, like I used to in the past.

10. Because I can! ;-)

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