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I Love Carbs

I used to be anti-carbs.... in theory... because in practice, I wasn't able to keep my carbohydrate intake low for longer than a couple of days, due to binging caused by ridiculous restrictions.

I would not eat a banana because it had too many carbohydrates, just to end up pigging out on cake and ice cream over the weekend. True story. If you prefer diet that's low in carbohydrates, and you're thriving while on it, it's all good, don't change it. But if restricting carbohydrates leaves you cranky, feeling deprived, and more likely to over eat, but you're doing it, just because you feel it's more effective... it's not worth it. Yes, limiting carbohydrates initially will make you drop a lot of weight literally overnight. But most of it is due to water and glycogen depletion, not actual fat loss. In a long run, any differences between low and moderate/higher carbs diets even out. They're both effective and cause fat loss, as long as you keep your calories in check. Carbs are not the enemy, and they don't make you fat (unless you eat too many overall calories). So don't try to adopt a way of eating you can't sustain, just because it made you drop a lot of weight overnight. The key to successful weight loss is consistency, which you won't be able to achieve if you need to re-start your diet over and over again.

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