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nutrition coaching


I'm a Sports and Exercise Nutrition Coach certified

by Precission Nutrition.





Many roads lead to Rome. Find what you like, what fits your lifestyle, and what you're able to sustain for long enough to get and maintain the results you're after.






Sustainability is the key. It doesn't matter how "good for you" and healthy a diet is, or how fast it makes you lose the weight.

If you're not able to follow it long enough to actually see

the results, or end up regaining all the weight once it's over,

it's not for you.

You won't always be able to eat everything you want.

But it doesn't mean that in order to be in shape you'll have to give up all your favorite foods for the rest of your life. 

It's all about balancing the good and the bad.

Dieting involves a lot of self-exploration and it thrives when it's custom fit to the person using it.

I will help you figure it out.


I'm a certified Sports and Exercise Nutrition Coach.

Not a Registered Dietitian.

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