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July 21, 2015

You've probably heard that "abs are made in the kitchen".


Yes, it is true. Thousands of crunches are not going to give you a flat stomach if you consume too many calories.

But another important factor, that only few talk about, is your natural build, determined by...

July 10, 2015


Nuts can be a great and convenient snack on the go. They're good source of fat, fiber and... calories. 

10 almonds- 70 calories, 10 cashews- 90 calories, 10 macadamias- 170 calories, 10 pecans (halves)- 95 calories. 

And how easy and quick it is to eat 10 of each?


July 2, 2015


I don't see anything wrong with weighting yourself even everyday (if you really want to), as long as you learn how to interpret the reading. 


Stepping on scale regularly provides quick and continous feedback. It's relatively easy to miss the weight piling up whil...

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