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September 20, 2014

So I happen to have a hypothyroidism. 

My digestion is whack. My skin is dry. Every once in a while I get this huge energy drop, that leaves me exhausted and unable to function. 

Sometimes I can't concentrate. Every once in a while I gain weight out of nowhere. Then...

September 19, 2014


I used to be anti-carbs.... in theory... because in practice, I wasn't able to keep my carbohydrate intake low for longer than a couple of days, due to binging caused by ridiculous restrictions.

I would not eat a banana because it had too many carbohydrates, just to e...

September 10, 2014





My appetite has been raging for the last few days. And no matter how busy or occupied I try to get, I always find a way to eat.


Lack of clarity regarding certain aspects of my personal and professional life, have been causing me some stress and anxiety....

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